a) Contact Details
Should you need to speak to us you can contact Magnolia of Tring on 01442 823228. Magnolia of Tring is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm and on Saturday from 8am to 5:00pm.

b) I am having difficulty placing my order, what should I do?
Please call us on 01442 823228 and one of our team will be able to assist you.

c) Can I order by phone?
Of course! If you prefer to order by phone please call us on 01442 823228 and one of our team will gladly assist you in placing your order.

d) What methods of payment do you accept?
You can pay for your order using the following methods:
•Visa Electron
•Cash (on collection of order)

e) How will I know that my order has been successful?
Once you have placed your order you will be provided with a reference number and you will receive a confirmation email.

f) Can you send me a VAT receipt?
Your email receipt can be used as a VAT receipt.

g) How to care for flowers?
Before placing the flowers in a vase/container it is essential  to cut 2-3cms minimum off the stem of each flower. It is also a good idea to remove any leaves, which will be below the water line before placing in a vase.

Vases/Containers -It is very important that the flowers are placed into a clean vase to prevent any bacteria affecting the flowers. Changing the water regularly will help prolong the life of the flowers.

If you receive a gift where the flowers have been arranged in foam (oasis) you can keep the arrangement fresh by adding water to the oasis every 2-3 days but be careful not to add too much or you may create some spillage. Place the arrangement on a place mat to ensure protecting the underlying surface.

Flowers will last longer if they are displayed away from direct sunlight and draughty areas. (However if you want the flowers to open up quickly then placing the flowers in a warm room will speed this process up).

h) Deliveries: Can I send flowers anonymously?
Yes you can send flowers anonymously.  For Data Protection purposes all information provided by the sender is kept anonymous, all the recipient will see will be the card message (if you choose to enclose one).  If you want them to know who the flowers are from, then please include your name in the card message (we will not tell them who the flowers are from if you don't put your name in the message card field).

i) Deliveries: What happens if the recipient is not in?
If the recipient is not at home at the time of delivery we will attempt to leave the flowers securely on the property.  If that is not possible, we will try to leave the flowers with neighbours.  Either way a card will be left at the recipient's address to inform them where the flowers have been left.  In the event that we are unable to leave the flowers securely on the property or with a neighbour, we may call the recipient (if you have given us their phone number when you complete the checkout) or we may call you to ask you for your input.  If we are not successful, the flowers will be brought back to Magnolia Flowers and we will redeliver when contacted by the recipient.

j) Deliveries: Can you deliver to business addresses and hospitals?
Yes, we can deliver to business addresses and hospitals.  However, it is very important that you provide full and accurate information about a recipient in hospital including full name, ward number and full hospital address to make sure the flowers reach the individual. You also need to check that the hospital allows flowers to be delivered.  For business addresses, please ensure that you give us as much information as you can in the delivery instructions field.

k) How about timed deliveries?
Timed deliveries are only accepted for funeral flowers.
For same day delivery, orders must be received by 2pm. Orders received after 2pm will be delivered on the next working day.
Our deliveries are made Monday to Saturday during opening  hours.

l) Deliveries: Public holidays/Celebration days
Our normal working days are Monday to Saturday inclusive, excluding public holidays, subject to some celebration days falling on Sunday, when we will be open. Details will be placed on the Website when this is applicable.